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Hip System

A Hip System is a system that is used in hip transplant and replacement surgery. The offered category consists of various types of items including the Bipolar Hip Prosthesis that is a type of partial hip replacement that is frequently done for fractures, but can also be done for arthritis, vascular necrosis, and other problems about the hip. A Bipolar arthroplasty provides a way to replace the femoral head without having to ream or put an implant in the socket. The offered Hip System is very crucial and important in the surgical processes. 

Austin Moore Prosthesis

Highly effective Austin Moore Prosthesis is made available by us that is a metallic implant used in hip arthroplasty. Designed for use as a salvage prosthesis for femoral neck fractures, nonunions, in femoral neck fractures with a shortened femoral neck (due to bony resorption). More vertical angle of the collar on the prosthesis tends to allow sinking of the prosthesis into the medullary cavity. The offered prosthesis is made for medical applications. Austin Moore Prosthesis is very useful and efficient.

Bipolar Hip Prosthesis

We are the suppliers of Bipolar Hip Prosthesis that provides added stability against dislocation. They are designed to decrease acetabular shear force through the use of an outer free acetabular cup that articulates with the prosthetic femoral head. A hip prosthesis is a medical device that replaces a damaged hip joint. The hip consists of a convex femoral head inserted into a concave acetabulum within the pelvis, cushioned by a synovial joint capsule. The Bipolar Hip Prosthesis is made for medical purposes.

Bipolar Hip Prosthesis XL

The supplied Bipolar Hip Prosthesis XL is made available by us that is made for use in the medical procedures. The Hip prostheses are designed to mimic the ball-and-socket action of your hip joint. During hip replacement surgery, your surgeon removes the diseased or damaged parts of your hip joint and inserts the artificial joint. They are made for effective performance and are easy to use. The Bipolar Hip Prosthesis XL is very useful and effective.